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There are many laws and areas of law, and each one has nuances that require an expert in that area. This means that there are also a lot of different types of lawyers. Here is a list of all of them.

Employment Lawyer – Employment lawyers handle all legal disputes that may arise between the employer and employee so that the rights of an employee can be protected, in terms of wages, job security, and other employment law related cases.

types of lawyersFamily Lawyer – A family lawyer handles all matters concerning the family, which may include divorces, battles for child custody, and request for child support.

General Practice Lawyer – This type of lawyer is the most approached lawyer in case a person needs legal advice or a legal advocate on small disputes. A general practice lawyer also works as a notary public.

Autism Lawyer – People with autism are granted certain rights by the government so that they can live as normal as they can in society. If any of these rights are violated, an autism lawyer knows better how to handle these cases because of his specialized knowledge on the subject.

Bankruptcy Lawyer – This type of lawyer will help a person prove to the court and to the lender (usually a bank) that he is no longer capable of paying his debts due to insufficient funds. Lenders will normally argue that the bankruptcy claim is untrue, thus a person would need a good advocate to prove his claim.

Commercial Bankruptcy Lawyer – This lawyer handles bankruptcy cases of organizations or companies, whether it is private or public. Compared to a bankruptcy lawyer, this is more complicated, as a commercial bankruptcy lawyer has to settle legal disputes between the company and the creditors, and between the company and its employees.

Corporate Lawyer – A corporate lawyer works for corporations to see if all transactions entered into by a corporation meet legal bounds. Big corporations usually hire their own private corporate lawyer, who will work solely for them, but corporate lawyers can practice privately to handle multiple accounts.

Criminal Lawyer – Anyone accused with a crime needs the representation of a criminal lawyer. The main job of a criminal lawyer is to prove his client’s innocence, but if the evidence is strong, he may focus on negotiating a plea settlement for his client.

Deportation Lawyer – This type of lawyer is well versed on the laws related to deportation and immigration policies. A man who is wrongfully accused of illegally staying in a country may hire a deportation lawyer to fight for his right to stay.

DUI Lawyer – Being charged with DUI is a major problem since it can lead to prison time, unless you hire a DUI lawyer who can negotiate with the court to give you a lesser punishment and offer recommendations for alternative penalties, like community service.

Inheritance Lawyer – Inheritance lawyers know the rights offered to heirs and will be able to fight for your claim in case you are not given your deserved share of the inheritance.

Spousal Support Lawyer – This type of lawyer can help a spouse in his or her fight to claim spousal support in the event of a divorce. It covers knowing the rights of the spouse to claim and negotiating the amount in question.

Wrongful Death Lawyer – A wrongful death lawyer will help the heirs of the deceased in claiming compensation and recuperation of losses that were incurred due to the wrongful death.

Discrimination Lawyer – Discrimination still exists, especially in the workplace. If you are a victim, a discrimination lawyer will help you fight for compensation for the financial and emotional damages caused by the discrimination.

Construction Lawyer – A construction lawyer works with builders to help them acquire the necessary permits related to constructing a building. His work may cover consultation and preparation of necessary documents required for the permitting process.

Birth Injury Lawyer – This type of lawyer will protect your rights in case a medical malpractice occurred during the birth of your baby, which resulted to an injury.

Health Insurance Lawyer – A health insurance lawyer will help you go after health insurance companies if you have been denied health insurance coverage even if your claim is valid.

Contract Lawyer – Contract lawyers are important if you often sign contracts related to your business. They prepare the contracts between you and your clients, as well as review the contents of the contracts that you would sign.

Accident Lawyer – An accident lawyer can represent either the victim or the culprit of the accident to settle legal responsibilities and financial compensation between the two parties.

Traffic Lawyer – Traffic lawyers will help you in your dispute about a traffic ticket. In such disputes, it is your word against the police officer’s, so you need someone with enough knowledge about traffic law to represent you.

Everybody needs to know the laws that govern the country. It’s not only necessary but it is also essential. Knowing the laws will enable you to handle issues that might occur to you- those that require legal interventions. Laws have been put in place to govern the land and to protect its citizens against the lawbreakers. Laws protect your rights and when your rights have been breached, you have the right to sue the offender. But if you don’t know the laws, it simply means you are not aware of your rights and whenever they have been breached, your ignorance to the laws will enable the law breaker get away with the wrong he has committed against you.

Well, there are a various types of laws and therefore attorneys are also different. Just like in the field of medicine, you can’t go for a general physician whenever you have a skin problem. You need to go see a skin specialist- a Dermatologist. And this is so to the attorneys. There are different types of attorneys who have specialized in different laws. So it is therefore necessary for you to understand the different types of laws of US for you to be sure of what type attorney you will go for whenever you have been caught with a legal crisis. Laws have two major divisions;

Procedural law –  follows court procedures

Substantive law – governs the violations of rights and duties.

Substantive law has an enormous definition and also has a number of sub-laws unlike procedural law. Here are just a few of the sub-types of substantive law.

  • Criminal Law – This law governs public wrong and it provides for various forms of punishment. Each wrong has a different form of punishment; it depends with the extent of damage, age of the offender, obviously the type of wrong and circumstances under which the wrong was committed. Punishment for murder will be different from that of rape, arson, theft and what have you.
  • Employment Law – This law governs employer/employee relationships. Whenever you have a problem with your employer say delay in salaries, unfair demotion and what have you. Know that you have a right to seek for a legal justice through the court.
  • Immigration Law – This law determines whether an individual is a US alien, has the rights, duties and obligations of US aliens. It helps to determine whether an alien can a US naturalized citizen by law.
  • Corporate Law – Corporations are legal entities that are created under the law of State Corporation. For this matter, corporations are governed by state laws. When creating, organizing and dissolution of corporations, a Corporation Act needs to be adhered to.
  • Consumer Rights – These are laws that protect consumers. Whenever there is a false advertisement, unhealthy products, and other business malpractices, you as a consumer have a right to raise these complaints and the law will step in to mediate on your behalf.
  • Civil Rights – This law governs human conduct and it also mediates whenever there is a dispute between private parties.
  • Bankruptcy Law – When an individual or a company files a case for a relief of debt, then this is referred to as Bankruptcy. In the US, there are courts that deal with Bankruptcy cases and there are lawyers who have specialized in this field. Whenever you need a fresh start for your burdensome debts, you can always file for a bankruptcy ruling.
  • Admiralty Law – It is also known as Maritime Law. It covers vessels, passenger liabilities, and cargo disputes, fishing regulations, international trade, injuries that have taken place at the docks and in the vessels, oil pollutions and what have you.
  • Aviation Law – This is a law put in place by the US government to enhance the safety of its air traffic. It governs aircraft operations and aircraft and maintenance as well.
  • Tort Law – This law governs any civil action that might occur between two individual parties. Whenever there is a wrongful act or a breach of contract between individuals say interference with a person’s privacy, law of torts will come in handy.
  • Contract Law – This law governs establishments of agreements. When any of these agreements are ignored, it means that the law of contract has been breached and you have a right to sue for breach of contact.

These are just a few examples of the laws of US. There is the Constitutional Law which is based on the US constitution, Administrative Law which is a body of rules and regulations put in place by administrative bodies, Statutory Laws, International Law, and Family Law that governs family related issues such as marriage, divorce, death, separation, child custody and child adoption. There is also Common Law that deals with the general aspects of human life.

It’s good to understand the various types of laws not only to protect yourself from the law breakers but also to protect yourself from breaking the Law and getting yourself in trouble.